Siddeeqah Institute

SI - IQRA Reading Club

IQRA Reading Club aims to promote the love of Islamic literature in a positive and nurturing environment. The club serves as a platform for community members to engage with various literary works, gaining insights into Islamic history, teachings, and inspiring stories of piety. The objective is to delve into the lives of our devout predecessors, understanding their endeavors and sacrifices on the path of the Deen. This exploration is intended to assist us in improving our practices and fortifying our commitment to the path of our faith. 

Currently Reading

Hayat-Us-Sahaba​ Vol 3

 Lives, morals, and struggles of the Sahabah

Allama Shaikh Muhammad Al-Kandhalwi​

Previously Read Books

Seeratul Mustafa ﷺ

A Biography of the Chosen Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad

Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Idrees Kaandhelwi

Uswa-E-Rasool-E-Akram ﷺ

Comprehensive guide to the practices of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.


Hadhrat Muhammad Abdul Hai Arifi