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Aalimah Umm Ali

Ustadha Umm Ali hails from Karachi, Pakistan, where she spent her formative years. Her mission is to empower women by providing them with essential Islamic knowledge from reliable sources. She aspires to assist women in learning Quranic Arabic, enabling them to comprehend the profound beauty of Allah’s words and grasp the message embedded in the Quran.


While accompanying her children to Sunday school, Ustadha Umm Ali seized the opportunity to learn Basic Arabic grammar from Ustadha Farhat Khan. This initial course fueled her desire for more Islamic knowledge, leading her to enroll in the Aalimiyyah course in traditional Islamic sciences. Under the guidance of Mufti Aziz Ahmed Sahab of AIE, Aalimah Hafizah Umm Muhammad of AIE, and Hafiza Aalimah Rubeena Kulsoom of Siddeeqah Institute, she furthered her understanding of Islamic teachings.

In addition to her pursuit of religious education, Ustadha Umm Ali holds an MBBS degree from DOW Medical College, Karachi. In Chicago, she completed her residency in Pediatrics and practiced in the field for over 25 years.


Her passion lies in teaching Arabic grammar, and for several years, she has dedicated herself to assisting and motivating a group of friends and family in their journey to learn the language.

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Aalimah Hafizah Rubeena Kulsoom

Ustadha Rubeena, born and raised in India, is the esteemed founder and director of Siddeeqah Institute. Her love for reading and continuous learning is evident in her passion for delving into the profound aspects of our religion. Arabic grammar holds a special place in her heart as it serves as the cornerstone for comprehending the Quran and the Hadith. Beyond her dedication to education, she finds joy in gardening, witnessing the blossoming beauty of her plants.


Following her migration to the US, Ustadha Rubeena seized the opportunity to immerse herself in the Islamic sciences. Privileged to undertake her Aalimiyyah Course, she completed her studies under the guidance of Mufti Aziz Ahmed Qasmi (DB) at AIE, Chicago, dedicating 13 years to her educational journey.

In a manifestation of divine favor, Allah blessed her with the achievement of Hifz-ul-Quran concurrently with her Aalimiyyah course under the tutelage of Hafiza Aalimah Ruqayyah Aziz at Al-Fatiha Institute, Chicago.

Ustadha Rubeena also holds a Master of Science and a Master of Philosophy from Hyderabad Central University (HCU), Hyderabad, India.


Guided by her teacher Mufti Aziz Ahmed, Ustadha Rubeena embarked on the journey of imparting knowledge, teaching various subjects of the Aalimiyyah course to women. Alhamdulillah, since 2013, she has been dedicatedly teaching the Aalimiyyah course and has been sharing the teachings of the Quran with children since 2004.

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Aalimah Hafizah Bint Aziz


Ustadha Bint Aziz, born and raised in Lucknow, India, finds solace in her busy schedule through her love for reading books, listening to the Quran, and engaging in joyful interactions with children.


Ustadha Bint Aziz initiated her pursuit of Islamic knowledge by enrolling in the Hifz program at the Academy of Islamic Education (AIE). In 2013, she not only successfully memorized the Holy Quran but also distinguished herself, earning multiple awards through participation in various competitions.

Driven by her commitment, she proceeded to enroll in the Aalimiyaah program, immersing herself in diverse Islamic sciences, encompassing Arabic, Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, and Theology (Aqeedah). Following the traditional methods of instruction inspired by our pious predecessors, she completed her Aalimiyyah program in 2021. Her journey was enriched by receiving Ijazas (authority) from esteemed teachers, including her father, Mufti Aziz Ahmed.


Since 2013, Ustadha Bint Aziz has been dedicatedly imparting knowledge and inspiration to the youth through a range of courses, covering areas such as Quranic recitation, Hifz (memorization of the Quran), and advanced Islamic Studies.

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Aalimah Amatullah

Ustadha Amtul, born and raised in Pakistan, derives joy from delving into various disciplines of religious education. Her particular interest lies in the field of Theology and the study of Classical Hanafi Fiqh, with a focus on applying its principles to address contemporary social issues. Her greatest aspiration is to empower the Muslim community to assert its right to practice Islam in every aspect of life, maintaining adherence to Shariah while being steadfast in religious practices. Currently residing in Illinois, Ustadha Amtul shares her life with her husband, two sons, and two cats.


Ustadha Amtul received guidance and the opportunity to study traditional Islamic Sciences in the US. Under the tutelage of Mufti Aziz Ahmad (DB), Aalimah Hafizah Umm Muhammad of AIE, and Aalimah Hafizah Rubeena Kulsoom of Siddeeqah Institute, she completed her Aalimiyyah degree. Drawing knowledge from esteemed Hanafi scholars like Mufti Abrar Mirza, Maulana Bilal Ali, and Maulana Arif Kamal at Dar ul Hikmah in Westmont, IL, she further enriched her understanding. Ustadha Amtul also holds Ijazah to teach Tajweed and the Quran according to Imam Hafs’ (RA) principles. She is academically qualified with Post Graduate Diplomas in Computer Science and Administrative Science, specializing in MIS (Management Information System) from Punjab University, Lahore.


In her free time, she actively conducts Islamic Studies groups within her extended family. Engaging in discussions on socio-political issues faced by Muslims worldwide, she provides support by sharing real-life experiences and facilitating conversations on challenging topics. Since April 2019, Ustadha Amtul has been teaching Hanafi Fiqh, Seerah, and Tajweed classes to various groups of women.


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Ustadha Saira

Ustadha Saira finds joy in teaching Tajweed to children and women of all ages. Originally from Hyderabad, India, and having been raised in Saudi Arabia, she is currently a resident of the United States. Outside of her study hours, she dedicates her time to cooking, gardening, volunteering at mosques, and organizing Quran contests for children.


In her ongoing pursuit of knowledge, Ustadha Saira is currently engaged in advanced Qiraat courses guided by Shaykha Afaf and Shaykha Surour from Egypt. She anticipates receiving her Ijazah soon in Riwayat Qaloon An Nafi’. Having graduated from the Darussalam Tanwir Intensive program, she had the privilege of studying under esteemed scholars such as Maulana Ehteram, Mufti Minhajuddin Ahmed, Mufti Ehzaz Ajmeri, Maulana Abdul Hakeem Dickenson, and others. Continuing her educational journey, she is enrolled in the Aalimiyyah program at Siddeeqah Institute, guided by Hafizah Aalimah Rubeena Kulsoom. Ustadha Saira also holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Bringing her knowledge to practical application. 


Ustadha Saira has been teaching Tajweed since 2019, contributing to the educational development of her students.