Siddeeqah Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Our classes are catered to women who aspire to spiritual excellence and have the desire and time to commit to the course. Now, we do not have a weekend option, so weekday availability is required.

We offer short Foundational courses as well as a Full Aalimah Course.

Yes, all courses offered online are live courses.

Yes, you can enroll in as many classes as you want, as per your availability. Our approach is to focus on quality and not quantity.

Once you register for the class, you will be added to the class WhatsApp group, where zoom links and google classroom links will be shared.

You can reach teachers through the class WhatsApp group.

No, at present all our courses are online.

Our Aalimah course is based on 2+3 model.  Two full years are mainly focused on building a strong foundation with emphasis on practicing the deen. Since our focus is quality and not quantity, we encourage sisters to take the classes as per their availability and build a strong foundation before they enter the third year. From third year onwards, we dwell into advanced courses and it is advisable to take classes full time from that point onwards. 

If a student has a record of completed prerequisites from another institute, they will be given a placement test for the third-year course. 

Medium of instruction is English/Urdu.

Sincere intention to please Allah SWT, to understand Quran and Hadith, and positive zeal to study.

We use tried and tested blended teaching methods to deliver lessons, making it easier for students to grasp the concepts quickly and intuitively.

Classes are conducted on Zoom and class materials are uploaded on Google Classrooms. A high-speed internet connection and a Gmail account are required for every student

Mufti Aziz Ahmad Sahib (Db) is of the view that religious education should be affordable to all. Each course is $20/month. If you take three or more courses at the same time, you are eligible for full time tuition at $50/month. Financial aid is available for those who are eligible.

Through PayPal or Zelle.

Each subject is taught once a week, so that  a student gets ample time to review. 

If you follow our approach inshAllah you will not lag. If needed, we have designated academic support available.

Those who want to pursue a full-time Aalimah course or prefer certification in the individual courses, all coursework is required. They will be required to take the semester exams and complete all assignments. Achieving a passing grade in the course is compulsory to progress to the next semester.

For students who would prefer to audit the class, they will be exempted from tests and exams, but will need to participate and have full attendance in class. Please note that this is a non-credit option and that those who audit the class will not be able to use it as a prerequisite for future courses. 

We will move at a steady, stable pace that allows for part time study. 

Yes. More than three unexcused absences will lead to removal from the course.

Recordings will only be made available to students per the teacher’s individual discretion. 

At the moment, we need website maintenance and social media volunteers. Please use THIS form to contact us and we will get back to you shortly In Sha Allah. 

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