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About Us

Assalamu Alaikum and a heartfelt welcome to Siddeeqah Institute!

We are genuinely grateful for your presence on our virtual doorstep. As you explore our website, we extend our warmest appreciation for taking the time to discover the enriching world of Islamic education that we have crafted for women.

As the founder of Siddeeqah Institute, I am honored to share the vision that ignited the creation of this sacred space. Siddeeqah Institute was born out of a deep-rooted passion for providing women with a transformative educational experience rooted in the principles of Islam. It is my sincere belief that education is the key to empowerment, and every woman deserves access to authentic Islamic knowledge that not only enriches her mind but also nourishes her soul.

We humbly offer short courses as well as Aalimah courses. In 2021, our inaugural batch successfully graduated from the Aalimah course, marking a significant milestone. We are thrilled to announce that our second batch is poised to commence their Daur e Hadeeth journey this year, by the grace of Allah. This esteemed course will be taught by our Mentor, Mufti Aziz Ahmed (DB), guiding our students on a path of deepening their understanding of Hadith, Insha’Allah. May this endeavor be blessed with success and knowledge. The institute encourages a culture of continuous learning, offering a variety of short courses to cater to diverse interests and ensuring students have ongoing opportunities for personal and spiritual development. The institute’s commitment to flexible scheduling and convenient online learning options enables students to balance their educational pursuits with other responsibilities.

Our students’ achievements extend beyond academic accomplishments, with practical applications evident in their daily lives. From confidently navigating Fiqh Masail to delving into Tafseer and mastering Arabic grammar, their comprehensive understanding enriches their interactions with the Quran. Additionally, incorporating valuable lessons from the Seerah enhances their character, fostering a holistic approach to living the teachings of Islam. Acknowledging the busy schedules of women, the institute also offers part-time Hifz classes, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for them to connect deeply with Allah Taala and His sacred book.

Explore the pleasures of literature through our IQRA Reading Club, fostering a positive and nurturing environment to cultivate a love for Islamic writings. Delving into the lives of our pious predecessors, we aim to draw inspiration from their efforts and sacrifices on the path of the Deen, guiding us to improve our practices and fortify our commitment to our faith.

Furthermore, we prioritize the continuous growth of our students and teachers by offering timely guidance through talks delivered by esteemed and well-known scholars. These insightful sessions aim to enhance understanding, promote intellectual discourse, and foster a dynamic learning environment within our institute.

Guided by a commitment to excellence, the institute has expanded its curriculum, embraced technological advancements for online learning, and continually adapted to meet the dynamic needs of its students.

Distinguishing ourselves from other institutes, we offer a variety of budget-friendly tuition packages and provide financial assistance to those who require support.

We invite you to embark on this enlightening path with us, where every page unfolds new insights, and every click brings you closer to a community dedicated to nurturing both the mind and the heart. Thank you for being a part of our online space. May your exploration be a source of inspiration, and may you uncover the information and connections that fulfill your quest.

May Allah’s blessings guide us on this path of knowledge and may Siddeeqah Institute become a beacon of light for women’s education in Islam.

With sincerity and warmth,

Aalimah Hafizah Rubeena Kulsoom

 Founder, Siddeeqah Institute


The mission of our institute is to continually nurture the legacy of our religion through sincere intentions and a discerning understanding of truth and falsehood. We aspire to create role models who actively practice their faith and serve as dedicated ambassadors of Islam.


Our institute envisions the widespread dissemination of knowledge globally, aiming to contribute significantly to the noble mission of promoting and spreading our religion. Through this vision, we aspire to be a beacon of enlightenment, fostering understanding and appreciation for our faith worldwide.


We steadfastly follow the teachings of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, upholding a commitment to the principles and practices established within this esteemed Islamic tradition. Our unwavering dedication ensures that our educational endeavors align faithfully with the teachings of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.